AliDay 2018: This Is Alibaba

Every year, on May 10, Alibaba Group celebrates AliDay, an employee-appreciation day unlike almost any other in existence. Aliren, as they’re called, bring their families to campus for an all-day carnival steeped in company culture. Scroll down to see happened on Alibaba’s Hangzhou campus on AliDay this year.


AliDay commemorates a time in 2003 when an Alibaba employee had been exposed to SARS, forcing the entire company to work from home to prevent infection. Aliren, and their families, continued their work to keep a newly launched e-commerce platform, Taobao, on track. Fifteen years later, Taobao is now the biggest online marketplace in China.

Tai chi, boxing, street dancing, skateboarding, guitar — you name it — employee clubs put on performances to show off Ali culture and recruit new members.

The family of Aliren must hear a lot about life at Alibaba. On AliDay, those families get the chance to ask executives  about the company.

The Alibaba Partnership is the governing board of the company. For this year’s AliDay, employees submitted questions and the best were chosen to attend a session where partners, including Employee #13 jane Jiang, offered answers.

AliDay is probably most famous for the group “wedding” that happens every year. In truth, employees get hitched before they come to Hangzhou, but the ceremony, presided over by founder Jack Ma, is a celebration of the company’s newest newlyweds.

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