Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group seeks to give users more entertainment and content options at home through a line of Internet-enabled televisions.

With Internet usage in rural China rising faster than urban areas, Alibaba Group hopes to tap that enthusiasm in the countryside to drive e-commerce and economic growth in China's western region.

Luxury devotees can now go on for more options as marquee labels Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein jump on the e-commerce bandwagon.

The needs of China's rising consumer class are quickly overwhelming the country's domestic resources and environment, says Alibaba Group's founder. The solution: fewer restrictions on international trade and more imports for China.

Eager to grow beyond China and Southeast Asia, Alipay and Taobao Marketplace have set their sights on Australia to lure Aussie merchants onto their platforms in order to sell to the Chinese consumer.

Total sales for Alibaba Group’s 11.11 Shopping Festival soared to $9.3 billion on Nov.

A stack of record books

The Chinese e-commerce giant brought in a team of accountants to monitor the 11.11 Shopping Festival sales results, with an eye on capturing recognition for a pair of new Guinness world records.

illustration of smiley face with dollar signs for eyes

Smartphone maker Xiaomi and home appliance manufacturer Haier are emerging as the early winners in this year’s online shopathon as the spending power of the Chinese consumer goes on display.

Illustration of 11.11 sale logo

More than $1 billion worth of goods were sold over Alibaba Group’s e-commerce platforms within the first 20 minutes of this year’s 11.11 Shopping Festival, with nearly half of all transactions taking place via mobile devices.

On the eve of Alibaba Group's 11.11 Shopping Festival, which kicks off in China tonight at midnight, Alizila gathered eleven striking and unusual bits of information surrounding the event, which de