Alibaba Group

Alipay Wallet is hoping to encourage mobile commerce among its millions of users by opening its platform to businesses to create stores in the app.

Celebrities from all over Asia are joining Taobao Marketplace to open stores, finding it the perfect place to launch their brands and connect with their fans online.

Taobao's travel vertical and the Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club launched a marketing campaign today, offering users cheap tour packages to Sydney to watch a football game.

To feed a growing hunger for Western television shows and movies, Alibaba Group and Lionsgate have teamed up to bring hit TV shows and movies to the homes of millions of Chinese couch potatos.

Alibaba Group has made it easy for Chinese consumers to check for fake drugs by letting them scan a barcode on the box to get all the information related to its point of origin.

Never get stuck with an ill-fitting blouse again. Alibaba Group's allows shoppers on the platform's apparel site to defer payment until they have received and are satisfied with their purchases.

Alibaba news photo of melon

Concerned about the safety of domestic agricultural products, urban Chinese consumers are renting farmland and hiring farmers in rural areas to grow their own "customized" fruits and vegetables through Alibaba's group-buying website.

Alibaba news photo of pot of gold

Millions of young people across China who invested their spare cash through Alipay has made Yu'E Bao the world's fourth-largest money market fund.

Alipay has been expanding quickly in Southeast Asia, Alizila finds out what's next from Alipay's regional head of business development.

Chinese globetrotters can now apply to get their shopping tax rebates credited to their Alipay accounts through an Alipay tie up with Global Blue.