Alibaba Group

Adventurous Chinese travelers who eschew tour groups can now go global but pay local, thanks to a tie up between Airbnb and Alipay.

photo of keyboard with piggy bank

Stakeholders in the proposed financial institution vow to "bring innovation to the real economy and customers’ daily lives" by launching an online bank serving consumers and small businesses.

(This story has been updated to reflect the sale of additional Alibaba shares on Sept. 22, making the company's IPO the largest in history worldwide.)

Illustration of birthday cupcake

Watch this to see what "Aliren" (Alibaba employees) had to say about an auspicious day.

China’s largest online shopping website is trying to interest more consumers in buying fresh produce straight from the fields as it seeks to streamline the country’s outmoded food supply chain.

Watch out piggies: The Finnish game maker is trying to rekindle interest in its franchise title with a new version targeting China's female smartphone users.

Alipay Wallet and Huawei have teamed up to launch fingerprint payment technology on a new Huawei device.

Alipay Wallet is hoping to encourage mobile commerce among its millions of users by opening its platform to businesses to create stores in the app.

Celebrities from all over Asia are joining Taobao Marketplace to open stores, finding it the perfect place to launch their brands and connect with their fans online.

Taobao's travel vertical and the Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club launched a marketing campaign today, offering users cheap tour packages to Sydney to watch a football game.