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D'Addario & Company, world-famous for its made-in-America guitar strings, has taken the plunge into Internet retailing in China, recently opening a storefront on Alibaba Group's platf

Alipay Wallet and Huawei have teamed up to launch fingerprint payment technology on a new Huawei device

Alipay Wallet is hoping to encourage mobile commerce among its millions of users by opening its platform to businesses to create stores in the app.

Alibaba news photo of Jack Ma

Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma has been elected to the Foundation Board of the prestigious World Economic Forum, joining leaders from international business, government and academia.

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China’s largest auto dealer is teaming up with Taobao Marketplace on an auction platform for used-car sales that aims to take some of the risk out of online vehicle transactions.

The city of the future may look a little like this: you swipe your phone to buy a ticket when boarding a bus that runs on a schedule derived from data about passenger loads.

Han Qiaoling, a young mother in Shandong Province, found a digital solution to a common problem facing stay-at-home moms.

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China's largest e-payments provider continues to spread its services abroad to support Chinese consumers who want to buy directly from foreign retailers.

Celebrities from all over Asia are joining Taobao Marketplace to open stores, finding it the perfect place to launch their brands and connect with their fans online.

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Online auction websites have not been successful in China, but Taobao is figuring out how to make the business model work. What am I bid for this barnyard full of pigs?