In a video series called "Business to Business," interviewed Chinese suppliers to find out how they trade globally. Watch this video to hear what they have to say about handling the tricky business of international payments

Esperanto never really caught on as a universal global language. But in the world of international trade, where language barriers and misunderstandings cost time and money, there is a kind of lingua franca.

To promote the power of small businesses, recently produced a commercial that ran in New York's Times Square. Check out this vid of the crowd reaction.

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Phishing scams are rampant on the Internet. Here's how to avoid getting hooked. recently featured successful small business owners from China in a new video ad playing in NYC's Time Square. Find out what one of these Chinese entrepreneurs has to say about how she attracts more international online customers.

A quality control expert offers four tips for vetting Chinese factories, PLUS watch a video of Australian shopping website operators visiting mainland manufacturers.

Watch this fail video send-up of a downhill skateboarder who learns what it's like to be caught on the horns of a dilemma. has put together a series of (wannabe) viral videos that have fun with a common Internet meme: the ubiquitous FAIL videos of people caught attempting to do something ill-advised, often

Apple's recent $1-billion patent victory over Samsung provides another reminder that innovative companies, large or small, need to be aggressive in defending their inventions and brands.

At a seminar in the U.S., officials from e-commerce companies Tmall, Export Now and explain cost-effective ways American small businesses can sell products directly to Chinese consumers