Alipay Wallet

Alibaba Group said on Monday it will invest $692 million into a Chinese department store chain to boost its offerings in offline commerce.

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By teaming up with the country's largest e-payments provider, the bank plans to issue one million credit cards to Chinese consumers, for the first time assessing creditworthiness based on online shopping histories.

In a new video, Alizila reporter Melanie Lee takes a look at the features of Alipay Wallet, China’s top mobile payment application with more than 100 million users.

Shopping on a smartphone and using a smartphone to make online payments is quickly becoming mainstream in China, a new government survey found.

Chinese consumers in the country's underdeveloped cities are fast becoming adept online shoppers, according to Alipay's Annual 2013 China Spending report.

Alipay and Weibo have teamed up to offer an online payment product, Weibo Payment, for social butterflies who like to shop.

Alipay has expanded deeper into offline services by allowing some Alipay users to buy movie tickets and pay for their taxi fares using the mobile Alipay Wallet application.

A new online payment option is expected to ease some of the headaches Chinese migrant workers have experienced using China Railway’s website.

Alipay and Chinese department store chain Intime have signed an agreement to allow Alipay's O2O mobile payment application, Alipay Wallet, as a payment option in 29 Intime outlets.

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China's largest e-payments provider has launched the Alipay Wallet, joining the ranks of companies around the world rolling out solutions to allow consumers to purchase goods and services in shops using their smartphones.