Alibaba illustration of computer and wheelchair

In manufacturing powerhouse China, competition for jobs is fierce and opportunities for the country’s estimated 85 million disabled people few. Taobao Marketplace, the country's largest shopping website, has given many an Internet-era employment option.

Warehouses, essential though they may be to the global supply chain, are dull.  Even when they are outfitted with a

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As the fabled tournament grinds on in Brazil, e-commerce entrepreneurs are hawking a weird variety of cures for football fever-related ailments, among them alienated girlfriends and injuries incurred during "drunken socializing."

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Once likened to a matchmaking website for business, the global wholesale trade platform continues its expansion into export-related services through its OneTouch subsidiary.

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The Wall Street Journal says the generosity of the Alibaba co-founders is being viewed as "the dawn of a new era of giving" in China. Meanwhile, Ma this week was named to TIME magazine's annual list of the world's most influential people.

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Shopping by smartphone is experiencing a growth spurt, and soon m-commerce revenues could amount to 20 percent of total e-commerce revenues in the PRC. Charts and graphs tell the score.

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It’s not always the most welcoming of hugs, but major brick-and-mortar retailers operating in China have embraced e-commerce as an essential part of their strategy for reaching the country’s fast-growing ranks of free spenders.

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A survey by Forrester Research found that Chinese consumers rank the service they get online as equal to or better than the treatment they get from many banks, airlines and hotels.

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The importance of China's intensifying battle for dominance of the mobile e-commerce market is reflected in several fresh reports showing how fast, and why, consumers are adopting smartphones and tablets to buy all manner of goods and services.

Illustration of tree growing in barcode

As Internet access continues to become available in China’s impoverished countryside, enterprising farmers are replacing shovels and hoes with keyboards and mice by starting their own online shops, says a report on "Taobao Villages."