Warehouses, essential though they may be to the global supply chain, are dull.  Even when they are outfitted with a

Alibaba new photo of three baseballs

Alibaba intellectual property lawyer David Ho explains why the e-commerce websites are going to a "three strikes" system to more quickly eject merchants who flout rules against selling knock-off products.

Brands looking for a reliable way to enter new markets are now choosing e-commerce platforms as a quick way to tap vast consumer bases, said a new report by Forrester Research.

E-commerce is booming in China, especially in the south and east of the country, says a new AliResearch report.

A frazzled bride plans her Spanish wedding through Taobao and lives to tell the tale.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group plans to invest S$312.5 million (about $250 million) in Singapore’s publicly-traded mail carrier as part of a “strategic cooperation” aimed at improving the e

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ImportGenius, which sells subscriptions to an online database of U.S. Customs information, says the partnership with Alibaba.com will provide wholesale buyers with a unique, one-stop sourcing option linking trade research and the buying cycle.

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With backing from Alibaba.com, Google, DHL and Visa, the Brazil-based Inter-American Development Bank has launched a social-media website for LatAm businesses that can help them find overseas customers, financing and trade information.

Chinese consumers picked up big discounts on movie tickets, restaurant dining and other everyday treats during Taobao's first-ever mobile shopping promotion.

In a new video, Alizila reporter Melanie Lee takes a look at the features of Alipay Wallet, China’s top mobile payment application with more than 100 million users.