Multinational retailers have traditionally used middlemen to expand to new markets, but with the advent of e-commerce, is there a better way?

Tmall plans to launch a new “bricks and clicks” parcel-delivery system that in some cases could allow online shoppers in major Chinese cities to receive their orders just a few hours after check-out.

When entering new and unfamiliar markets, even well-known companies get it wrong. For many merchants, the best way to avoid missteps is to get to know new customers through online sales channels.

Alibaba Pictures Group today said it has signed two of the Chinese entertainment industry’s biggest names for a new movie project—its first since e-commerce giant Alibaba Group acquired controlling

Eager to grow beyond China and Southeast Asia, Alipay and Taobao Marketplace have set their sights on Australia to lure Aussie merchants onto their platforms in order to sell to the Chinese consumer.

On the eve of Alibaba Group's 11.11 Shopping Festival, which kicks off in China tonight at midnight, Alizila gathered eleven striking and unusual bits of information surrounding the event, which de

Alibaba illustration of computer and wheelchair

In manufacturing powerhouse China, competition for jobs is fierce and opportunities for the country’s estimated 85 million disabled people few. Taobao Marketplace, the country's largest shopping website, has given many an Internet-era employment option.

Illustration of gavel

Online auction websites have not been successful in China, but Taobao is figuring out how to make the business model work. What am I bid for this barnyard full of pigs?

When e-mail began to replace letter writing, it threatened more than just standards of penmanship: it posed a direct challenge to a business model that dates back to 1840, when the British Royal Ma

Warehouses, essential though they may be to the global supply chain, are dull.  Even when they are outfitted with a