China's largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group will soon roll out mobile telecom services for the country's 1.3 billion people.

A few years ago, the mention of the term “O2O” elicited head-scratching stares from most of China’s half a billion Internet users.

China's e-commerce giant removed an estimated 114 million listings of suspected counterfeit merchandise from Taobao Marketplace last year. Read on for complete details of the company's ongoing effort to protect intellectual property rights.

Alibaba news photo of hockey stick

Shopping by smartphone is experiencing a growth spurt, and soon m-commerce revenues could amount to 20 percent of total e-commerce revenues in the PRC. Charts and graphs tell the score.

Alibaba Group said on Monday it will invest $692 million into a Chinese department store chain to boost its offerings in offline commerce.

China's top two e-commerce websites are encouraging their vendors to be more generous with their return policies as China prepares to regulate online shopping.

How do you get your brand noticed in China and what must you do to reach the customers you want to reach? Alizila's Melanie Lee spoke with a few successful importers of Western products into China to find out their secrets.

Shopaholics now have a another reason to splurge as Taobao Marketplace and launch yet another sales day on March 8 exclusively for mobile users.

China's largest B2C shopping website is teaming up with the Dutch government on a special promotion aimed at easing a weather-related shortage of Valentine's Day cut flowers in the PRC.

Shopping on a smartphone and using a smartphone to make online payments is quickly becoming mainstream in China, a new government survey found.