U.S. Becoming Top Destination for China’s Tourists

China’s tourists are expanding their horizons more than ever. The number of Chinese visitors to foreign shores climbed to 120 million last year, and with more international flights being offered on the mainland and the relaxation of Chinese tourist visas by many countries, the world will likely see more visitors from China snapping selfies abroad in coming years.

Most of China’s outbound tourism is to neighboring countries in Asia followed by European destinations. But increasingly, the U.S. is becoming a hot spot for China’s globetrotters. This trend is expected to continue thanks to travel incentives announced by the state departments of both countries last September promoting 2016 as the U.S.-China Year of Tourism, as well as efforts by travel websites like Alibaba Group’s Alitrip to make the U.S. more accessible to Chinese tourists. Alitrip earlier this year launched a U.S. destination page highlighting travel packages and offering tips for travel in America.

Here are the highlights of what promises to be an enduring phenomenon in years to come: