AI Tools Empower Small Businesses Worldwide: MSME Day Report

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AI Tools Empower Small Businesses Worldwide: MSME Day Report

  • Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises account for 50% of global GDP: UN
  • 30,000 MSMEs on have used the platform’s AI-powered tools

Zhang speaks during a session held by the United Nations International Trade Centre (ITC) to celebrate MSME Day. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

More than a quarter of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) globally use artificial intelligence on a daily basis, according to a recent survey from B2B marketplace published the results to mark MSME Day, a day to celebrate the impact of these businesses, which account for more than 70% of employment globally and half of the world’s gross domestic product., which serves more than 48 million MSME buyers and over 200,000 MSME suppliers, has acted as a launchpad for these enterprises to operate and grow for decades.

Now, the platform’s selection of AI-powered tools gives MSMEs the opportunity to extend their reach even further.

“In a nutshell, we are building a global supply chain by and for MSMEs leveraging AI,” said Kuo Zhang, President of, who participated in a panel last week held by the United Nations International Trade Centre in honor of MSME Day.

According to Zhang, the platform’s AI functions have been adopted by 30,000 MSMEs.

These companies, ranging in size from one to 250 employees, saw a 37% increase in product exposure as a result of AI tools and accepted 70% of the optimization suggestions they produced, per the report.

“Using AI has helped put my store on autopilot and saved us a lot of time since it’s just me and one employee managing our business,” said Sieu To, Deputy Managing Director of Vietnamese electric fan company Hanh Sanh Co.

Supporting Developing Markets

The use of AI is particularly widespread in developing regions and among small businesses with limited resources, the recent survey of 500 MSMEs found.

Roughly half of the countries that recorded the highest use of’s AI tools are developing economies where the platform has become a key bridge between local businesses and international markets.

“Leveraging e-commerce platforms like has been crucial in overcoming local market challenges and expanding our reach,” noted Dagmawit Abebe, owner of Ethiopian coffee brand Kedemt Coffee.

Across the African continent, home to 33 of the world’s least developed countries per the UN, is working to support 100 MSMEs as they establish a global presence in the B2B marketplace.

In addition, has pledged to hold the majority of its supplier events and seminars over the 2025 fiscal year in developing nations.
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