Alibaba Cloud Launches English-language Version of Open-Source AI Model Hub ModelScope

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Alibaba Cloud Launches English-language Version of Open-Source AI Model Hub ModelScope

  • Modelscope is China’s largest AI model community with over 5 million developers
  • Alibaba Cloud shared the news during the 2024 CVPR Conference in Seattle

Photo credit: Shutterstock, Alibaba Group

Alibaba Cloud has unveiled the English-language version of its open-source AI model community, ModelScope, as the company seeks to bring generative AI to more businesses and developers worldwide.

Modelscope builds upon the concept of “Model-as-a-Service,” a term coined by Alibaba Cloud to describe how AI models can be transformed into readily available and deployable services.

Since launching in 2022 in mainland China, Modelscope has become the country’s largest AI model community and counts over 5 million developers as users.

Now, the platform will give developers worldwide access to over 5,000 ready-to-use advanced AI models from Alibaba Cloud and other leading Chinese AI startups like Baichuan and Zhipu, in addition to user-contributed models.

Modelscope hosts tools and resources to enable developers to bring their AI projects to life thanks to over 1,500 high-quality Chinese-language datasets and an extensive range of toolkits that support data processing.

Developers can also tap a variety of modules on Modelscope to customize their model inference, training and evaluation with only a few lines of code.

Alibaba Cloud announced the news during the 2024 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference, an annual event bringing together academics, researchers, and business leaders for a five-day smorgasbord of workshops, panels and keynotes.

At this year’s CVPR, more than 30 papers from Alibaba Group were accepted, with six selected as oral and highlighted papers.

Participants at the CVPR conference also had a first-hand experience of Alibaba’s proprietary Qwen model series’ image and video generation capabilities at the Alibaba Cloud booth.

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