AliFest 2012: Tom Friedman Gets All Hyper (Video)

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AliFest 2012: Tom Friedman Gets All Hyper (Video)

Journalist Tom Friedman believes that we live in a wired, wired world—and everyone better figure out fast how to live in it.

In a keynote address at AliFest 2012, the Pulitzer Prize winning author today offered his “Ten Rules for Thriving in a Hyperconnected World” to an audience of more than 2,500 gathered at the Great People’s Hall in Hangzhou, China. Friedman noted when he wrote his best-selling book “The World is Flat” in 2004, “Facebook did not exist and a “tweet” was still a sound.” That time has passed.

Routine is over. Friedman said he tells his daughters they must make professional and personal innovation a part of their lives. “When I went to college and graduated, I had to find a job,” he said. Nowadays “you will have to invent a job. Everyone is expected to refine, re-engineer and re-design their jobs while they are doing it. You cannot be routine or you will not survive.”

In the hyperconnected world, Friedman also noted, the way companies treat their customers “matters more than ever because I can see right inside your business, I can see how you are performing, how you treat your customers and I can tell the whole world about it–without an editor or a libel order.” The ability to connect to others and share opinions can clearly make or break a business because of how we connect to each other on a global scale.

Watch Friedman’s AliFest keynote.

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