Trading Tips: How a U.S. Company Fights Copycats (Video)

Main Content Trading Tips: How a U.S. Company Fights Copycats (Video) has developed a tool called AliProtect that makes it relatively easy for rights owners to report intellectual property theft. Here’s how one innovative U.S. company used the system to thwart rivals who were stealing his designs.

Intellectual property theft is a massive global industry, and pirated products sometimes show up on global trading websites such and medium-sized businesses oftencomplain about their powerlessness to stop IP theft, but there are remedies. Alibaba.comhas developed a tool called AliProtectthat makes it relatively easy forrights ownersto report infringements, enabling the website topurge online listingsofpirated goods.

In the video below, TJ Scimone of Slice, a U.S. maker of innovative cutting tools, explains how he uses AliProtect to keep copycats at bay. “The more popular your products are, the higher the likelihood that someone is going to be copying you at some point, that form of flattery that no one really wants,” says Scimone.By using AliProtect, he says he successfully gotillegalfakes ofhis products”shut down (and)off the site.”

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