By the Numbers: 2017 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

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By the Numbers: 2017 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Updated, 11.15.17: We have collected more data that we thought would be useful to readers. Please find that here at the top of the page, while the figures we posted about gross merchandise volume, payments and deliveries, etc., are in the infographic below.

Top 10 U.S. Brands by GMV Among Chinese Consumers Buying Cross-Border From That Market

1. Childlife
2. GNC
4. Aveeno
5. Nike
6. Revlon
7. Puritan’s Pride
8. Nature’s Bounty
9. Gerber

Top 5 Countries/Regions Selling Cross-Border to China by GMV

1. Japan
2. United States
3. Australia
4. Germany
5. Korea

Top 5 Imported Brands Bought by Chinese Consumers by GMV

1. Swisse (Australia)
2. Aptamil (Germany)
3. Kao Merries (Japan)
4. Moony (Japan)
5. Bio Island (Australia)

Top 5 Countries/Regions Buying from Mainland China by GMV

1. Russia
2. Hong Kong
3. United States
4. Taiwan
5. Australia

Top 5 Export Product Categories From China by GMV

1. Mobile Phones
2. Wool Coats
3. Knitted Sweaters
4. Dresses
5. Sweaters




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