Jack Ma Interview on Hangzhou, the G20 and Globalization

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Jack Ma Interview on Hangzhou, the G20 and Globalization

Watch Alibaba’s Executive Chairman as he discusses his hometown and e-commerce during the recent G20 Summit.

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Jack Ma’s Message to G20 Leaders

Ma describes his vision of making globalization work for small businesses by establishing an e-World Trade Platform.


Jack Ma Explains Why Hangzhou

The Alibaba executive chairman talks about choosing the city to launch Alibaba over Beijing or Shanghai.

Jack Ma Discusses the Historical Significance of Hangzhou

In this video, Ma explains the role the city played in Chairman Mao Zedong’s landmark meeting with President Richard Nixon in 1972.

Jack Ma’s Childhood Memories of Hangzhou

Find outhow foreign tourists to the city’s historic West Lake shaped Ma’s view of the world.


Jack Ma’s Tips for Visiting Hangzhou

Madiscusses his hometown ahead of the G20 summit.

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