Microsoft and Alipay Release Custom Browser

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Microsoft and Alipay Release Custom Browser

A version of Microsoft’s latest Chinese-language web browser is available with beefed-up security and quick-access features for making online payments, the fruit of cooperation between the PC software giant and Alipay, China’s largest electronics payment service.

The customized IE 9.0 browser, launched Nov. 3 and available for downloadby Windows 7 users, has Alipay safety controls and digital certificate drivers pre-installed. Alipay and Microsoft also agreed to share information on malware and phishing sites on an ongoing basis so that people using IE 9.0 will be alerted to the latest threats. Microsoft updates its malware and phishing site database in real time.

Microsoft and Alipay officials said the custom browser is a response to the jump in online crime China has seen along with a boom in e-commerce. MarkMonitor, a marketing consultancy, said that in September there were more than 5,300 phishing sites targeting Chinese and Hong Kong brands. Over 80% of online users are concerned about safety and more than half are worried about being victimized by Trojan horses and phishing sites, according to Analysys market research.

In addition to its safety features, the new browser has integrated links to Alipay’s quick pay, credit card payback, utilities payment and Taobao shopping tools. The features are also available in a version of IE 8.0 for users of Windows XP and other older Microsoft operating systems. “More and more Alipay users are switching to Windows 7 and IE 9.0 has witnessed a strong increase in downloads since its release,” said Alipay Chief Technology Officer Li Jingmingi.” Alipay has more than 600 million registered accounts and sees 11 million daily transactions.

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