Post-Millennials A Surprising Growth Factor for Tmall Global

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Post-Millennials A Surprising Growth Factor for Tmall Global

China’s Post-Millennials are powering growth on Alibaba’s Tmall Global, according to a report from the e-commerce platform.

Somewhat surprisingly, in a country where interest in quality consumption and spending on lifestyle is on the rise, it’s not just older homeowners or employees in the workforce for many years driving new business for brand merchandise. It’s also their offspring.

The 18-to-28 group – ranging from college age to new entrants into the workforce – displays the most-promising purchasing power, with Tmall Global data showing the group comprising nearly 50% of its active users. And it’s projecting the uptrend will continue.

Tmall Global is China’s leading cross-border B2C e-commerce platform, with a 25% market share. Established in 2014, it features products from 14,500 brands coming from 63 countries and regions.

“Our research shows that consumers in this age group are quickly becoming the major growth drivers for the platform because for many of them, they are starting to earn a salary,” said a spokesman for Tmall’s Global Consumer Insight division.

The generation of shoppers born between 1990 and 2000 has grown up in a highly digitized China. That generation is used to smartphones and tablets and widespread internet access, is familiar with e-commerce and tend to follow web stars and influencers when deciding on their purchases. The generation is also brand-conscious and familiar with foreign culture, either through a device or personal experience. The Post-Millennials are also, even at their young age, intrepid travelers.

And their tastes are clear. Tmall Global said among college-age students and fresh graduates, especially women, cosmetic and beauty products are considered essential, because they want to look good at a new school or a new company. Another important factor is consumers in this demographic are more adventurous and willing to spend money on trying new things from other countries.

The infographic below offers more details on Tmall Global’s Post-Millennial shoppers.

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