Taobao Maker Festival: Meet the Technology Makers

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Taobao Maker Festival: Meet the Technology Makers

Technology and innovation underpin everything Alibaba does, and celebrating China’s young tech talent was a major reason why Taobao Maker Festival was created. The festival, therefore, has also become an event for many Chinese techies and inventors to present their latest inventions.This year, visitors will get a chance to experience and play with an array of cool, fun gadgets, from AR-powered interactive goggles to robotic dogs. Here are two tech inventors and their stories:


Guangzhou-basedGOF creates premium, customizable e-sports equipment and accessories. The company is best known for its water-cooled, “modded” PCs, which means they’re modified and enhanced for a smoother gaming experience.

When computers overheat, they can be unstable—much to the dismay of gamers—sometimes shutting down and damaging the hardware. To remedy the problem, GOF installs coolant-filled loops (comprising a set of tubing, radiators, reservoirs and pumps) inside the PCs to help keep a computer’s temperature at manageable levels.

“We weren’t satisfied with the computers available when we first started gaming. We wanted to build better, more fun products that would suit our generation,”GOF cofounder and R&D director Maximilian Leung said.”That’s how our company came into being.”


An artificial lightning generator created by the Wuhan-based Tesla Innovation Lab.

Another Taobao merchant to be spotlighted in this year’s Taobao Maker Festival is Tesla Innovation Lab. Founded by a group of millennial tech enthusiasts, who named their store in tribute to the pioneering physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. The Wuhan-based shop offers gadgets and gizmos, such as crystal radios that work without electricity, decorative solar-powered spinners and—its best-known product—artificial lightning generators. Its customer base ranges from schools to science museums to shopping-mall operators, hoping to draw crowds.

This year will be Tesla Innovation Lab’s first time participating in the Taobao Maker Festival.

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