Time to Move: Alibaba Celebrates Olympic Day with Sports Activities Across Campuses 

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Time to Move: Alibaba Celebrates Olympic Day with Sports Activities Across Campuses 

  • The Olympic Day coincides with the first Olympic Esports Week held in Singapore
  • Alibaba’s employees join over five million people across five continents to celebrate the birth of the modern Olympic Games

Employees at Alibaba celebrate Olympic Day with workout challenges. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group is celebrating this year’s Olympic Day with a series of sporting challenges and online activities across its campuses to promote a healthy lifestyle among its employees.  

Olympic Day, which falls on June 23, coincides with the inaugural Olympic Esports Week. Alibaba is integrating the promotion of the Olympic Esports Week into its local Olympic Day celebration with workout challenges among its global employees. 

The Hangzhou-based company has worked with the International Olympic Committee as an Olympic Partner since 2017. Its cloud computing subsidiary has helped digitized the Olympics Games and supports the first Olympic Esports Week with its digital technology and cloud computing services.

“We want to encourage our employees to actively participate in sports, maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, inspire others to prioritize fitness and infuse their lives with renewed vitality,” said Chris Tung, President of Corporate Development at Alibaba Group Holding. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 81% of adolescents and 27.5% of adults do not meet WHO’s recommended levels of physical activity in 2022, resulting in declining mental and physical health. 

Olympic Day
Alibaba employees took part in a group spinning bike exercise to celebrate Olympic Day. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Lets Move 

The Hangzhou-based company has designated June 23, Olympic Day, as “Alibaba Sports Day” to promote employee sports participation. 2023 marks the seventh year for the company to host “Alibaba Sports Day” for its employees.

Alibaba Cloud rolled out a two-day sports festival, themed “Stay Active – Enjoy Sports Together” from June 20 to 21 at Cloud Valley, its headquarters in Hangzhou, featuring different challenges and exercises. 

The challenges include a quiz about Alibaba Cloud’s milestones in the Olympic Movement and three esports games, including ping pong, swimming and Street Fighter V, and a hurdle race.

A group spinning bike exercise featuring over 100 Alibaba employees took place at Alibaba’s Cloud Valley on June 20. 

During the two-day sports festival, employees at Alibaba’s 26 campuses in China also participated in other physical activities, including table tennis, badminton, skateboarding, jump rope, and planking.

Olympic Day1
Alibaba employees played virtual sports at its cloud headquarters in Hangzhou. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Global Movement 

Other than activities, to echo the “Let’s Move” theme of this year’s Olympic Day, Alibaba hosted a series of physical exercises to inspire its employees worldwide to make time for daily physical activity.

At Alibaba’s Singapore office, employees at the Southeast e-commerce platform Lazada celebrated Olympic Day with city runs.  

For those who can’t join the activities in person, Alibaba is also rolling out an online social media campaign for its global employees to share their proudest moments in sports participation. As of June 20, over 21,000 people have participated in the online discussion on Alibaba’s employee forum. 

According to the IOC, a record five million people in 130 National Olympic Committees across five continents will take part in this year’s Olympic Day celebration. 

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