How DingTalk Enables Modern Enterprise Communication and Management

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How DingTalk Enables Modern Enterprise Communication and Management

DingTalk, an enterprise super app built by Alibaba Group, is helping companies of all sizes tackle challenges in the modern workplace.

From its early days as Alibaba’s internal communication app, DingTalk‘s functions have evolved beyond instant messages and communications. With online editing, built-in management tools, and many other functions, the platform allows users to access documents and coordinate across different teams and departments anytime, anywhere.

Watch this explainer video to learn how powerful DingTalk is in workplace communication, collaboration and management.

Below is a transcript of this video, edited for clarity and brevity

Narrator: Cross-functional discussions, remote collaborations, multi-project management with multi-stakeholders, and fragmented information… these are challenges of a fast-paced environment that growth companies of all sizes face today.

Enter the solution:  DingTalk, the enterprise collaboration super app built for the modern workplace.

DingTalk was created to support Alibaba’s internal communication needs. It has evolved into an all-encompassing collaboration tool that has dramatically enhanced productivity from any device, offering instant messages, audio calls, and high-quality, low-latency video conferences.

DingTalk allows users to prioritize and categorize different contacts and chat groups. With this streamlined interface, users can quickly sort through vast amounts of messages — with shortcuts and highlights — and follow up by creating to-do lists directly from any chat history.

That’s just the beginning of DingTalk’s productivity features.

DingTalk offers real-time online editing of documents, spreadsheets and whiteboards…as well as mindmaps, Gantt charts, and other project management tools. All the files can be accessed from DingTalk anytime, anywhere – ideal for remote teamwork, on the go, or located worldwide across different time zones.

Businesses and teams can also use these features to assign projects, coordinate shifts, and set up timetables and milestones that ensure seamless information flow within the organization.

DingTalk also has built-in tools specially designed for managers that remove friction from necessary processes. Administrative necessities like budget planning, business trip applications, and annual leave requests can be submitted in DingTalk. Then, it only takes one click to approve.

As an enterprise super app, DingTalk enables businesses and teams of all sizes to transform into an agile and effective workforce of the future.

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