DingTalk Empowers Digital Transformation with AI Work Assistant

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DingTalk Empowers Digital Transformation with AI Work Assistant

The latest version of Dingtalk, an enterprise super app created by Alibaba Group, is equipped with an AI assistant powered by Alibaba Cloud’s large model Tongyi Qianwen.

The AI tool can transcribe online meetings in real-time, sum up the conversations into key takeaways, and even draft various types of documents from scratch. With the power of generative AI, corporate users of DingTalk can become more efficient.

DingTalk also has a low-code platform that allows companies and organizations to build their own applications quickly. This can be customized for schools, universities, and large events like the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Watch this explainer video to learn more about Dingtalk’s growing array of features.

Below is a transcript of this video, edited for clarity and brevity

Narrator: DingTalk, Alibaba’s enterprise collaboration tool incorporates communication and management features into one.

But companies of varying sizes and industries have different needs. So how can one app possibly serve all?

DingTalk has a low-code platform that enables companies and organizations to quickly build their own applications on DingTalk that are tailored to their individual operations.

For example, manufacturing companies use mini applications built on DingTalk to oversee production processes that are connected to their IoT devices.

Retailers and service brands can embed customer-relations management tools into DingTalk, thereby integrating external and internal communications onto one platform.

The power of Dingtalk’s customization can work beyond the workplace. Thanks to out-of-the-box tools and other capabilities.

DingTalk is driving the efficiency of large-scale events and ceremonies, such as the upcoming 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, which has a customized version of DingTalk for the organizing committee, volunteers and partners, who will use Dingtalk to communicate and manage tasks before and during the event.

Schools and universities have also adopted DingTalk for such tasks as online assignment distribution, grading and reviews.

As the super-app adapted for the modern workforce, DingTalk has a built-in AI assistant powered by Alibaba Cloud’s latest large model known as Tongyi Qianwen. By typing in the “/”, users can activate the AI assistant and ask for help with numerous tasks.

For example, DingTalk’s AI tool can transcribe online meetings in real-time, and sum up the conversations into key takeaways and to-do lists.

The AI assistant can also draft documents, spreadsheet templates, and mind charts. These powerful and efficient shortcuts can save workers valuable time.

Expect more exciting AI technologies and features to be embedded in DingTalk in the future.

DingTalk – enabling digital transformation for an agile and resilient workforce of the future.

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