Doppelherz: A Tonic for China’s Health Concerns

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Doppelherz: A Tonic for China’s Health Concerns

German nutritional supplements brand Doppelherz has over 100 years of history bottled in its herbal tonics, housed in simple brown vials emblazoned with a double heart logo.

In China, these small bottles are an increasingly common sight, albeit with a distinctly modern twist.

Doppelherz has launched a series of tonics aimed at Gen Z consumers on Alibaba Group’s B2C platform Tmall Global. With packaging designed in partnership with Universal Studios and their Minions brand, these products make staying healthy fun. 

China has long held appeal for Doppelherz, given the country’s focus on healthy living which is growing in the wake of the pandemic.

Some 67% of Chinese consumers now put a higher priority on wellness than they did two or three years ago, according to a 2021 report by consultancy MicKinsey.

The German heritage label is working to meet this demand with a little help from Tmall Global.

“Consumers want a sustainable and long-term brand, with a legacy of quality and tradition. We are able to convey this via the Alibaba platform,” said Axel Juergensen, Export Director at Queisser Pharma, the company behind Doppelherz.

The marketing concept on Tmall Global enables the simultaneous communication of traditional values and innovative products, and key events such as the ‘Tmall Super Brand Day’ stimulate customer demand once more. 

Key Quotes

“Doppelherz’s flagship store on Tmall Global has been key to our success in China, and we have grown up together with the platform.”

“The Chinese market is fast-paced, but with the help of the Alibaba team, we are able to keep ahead of trends. We receive information from our Alibaba and Tmall Global colleagues quite quickly and this has fostered a trustworthy and transparent relationship.”

“Chinese Doppelherz consumers are much younger than in our other markets, so we design our packaging accordingly. Last year, we created an eye vitamin product with Minions cartoons in partnership with Universal Studios. This was very well received.”

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