Metaverse Exhibition at Apsara Recreates Life in Ancient China

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Metaverse Exhibition at Apsara Recreates Life in Ancient China

Visitors at Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara conference tried time-traveling on Thursday, thanks to the latest technology from the cloud company.

Armed with virtual reality (VR) devices, the audience took a close-up look at troves of artifacts unearthed at the Sanxingdui Ruins dating back 3,000 years.

Viewers are also immersed themselves in the imperial palace complex of the Tang dynasty powered by automatic 3D space creation and visual localization technology from DAMO Academy’s XR Lab.

Alibaba’s cloud gaming platform Yuanjing also made it possible for visitors to “walk” into the Xi’an Museum and examine artifacts via mobile phone or laptop.

The partnership has helped the museum digitize significant art pieces, and made online museum tours possible through 3D reconstruction, cloud rendering, and real-time streaming on the cloud.

This article has been corrected in the second paragraph to remove the reference to DAMO Academy

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