Watch Jack Ma’s Stanford Speech

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Watch Jack Ma’s Stanford Speech

Alibaba Group CEO Jack Ma last week stirred things up during a speech at Stanford University when he said he was “very interested” in buying Yahoo!The comment touched off a lot of speculation about how–and whether–a purchase would actually go down. But Ma had plenty of other things to talk about, among them his Chinese e-commerce competitors; the astounding growth of Taobao, Alibaba’s Chinese online retailing platform; hisfriendship with Yahoo!co-founderJerry Yang;howimportant the U.S. market is to his company’s growth plans; and more.

You’ll just have to watch the whole thing, butbe warned it’s a long video, almost an hour. (spoiler alert: Ma firstsays he’d liketo buy Yahoo! around the 22-minute mark and elaborates a bit more near the end of the video.)

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