What’s on the Menu for Chinese New Year? Convenience

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What’s on the Menu for Chinese New Year? Convenience

Meals for Chinese New Year, known as Spring Festival in China, are as elaborate as any Thanksgiving Dinner in the U.S. From steamed fish and spring rolls (get it?) to rice cakes and dumplings, a lot of work goes into preparing these feasts.

The effort required to prepare for such a gathering may have given rise to what is one of the biggest trends in Chinese New Year food consumption right now: pre-cooked or pre-packaged meals ordered online and delivered directly to the home.

This year, sales of pre-packaged New Year’s food on Tmall have grown over 1,600% compared to 2018. Freshippo, also known as Hema, is also offering various pre-cooked dishes for the holiday, making it possible to make a complete dinner in just 30 minutes, even for the large gatherings that are typical of CNY. According to Tmall Fresh, prepared meals for eight to 10 people are the top sellers on the platform.

Also worth noting: The tendency to use e-commerce to shop for Chinese New Year is across all age demographics, not only the tech-savvy Millennials. The number of users over 50 grew 172% since last year, Tmall reported.

But what exactly are people eating for Chinese New Year? Check out the infographic below for more on what’s on the menu:

Chinese New Year

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