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Photo of old car
By Susan Wang | Aug 19, 2014 | 17:41

China’s largest auto dealer is teaming up with Taobao Marketplace on an auction platform for used-car sales that aims to take some of the risk out of online vehicle transactions.

Photo illustration of globe, mouse and shopping cart
By Alizila staff | Aug 13, 2014 | 17:57

China's largest e-payments provider continues to spread its services abroad to support Chinese consumers who want to buy directly from foreign retailers.

By Melanie Lee | Aug 13, 2014 | 10:52

Celebrities from all over Asia are joining Taobao Marketplace to open stores, finding it the perfect place to launch their brands and connect with their fans online.

Illustration of gavel
By Jim Erickson | Aug 12, 2014 | 16:46

Online auction websites have not been successful in China, but Taobao is figuring out how to make the business model work. What am I bid for this barnyard full of pigs?

Alibaba news photo of baby and bottle
By John W. Spelich | Aug 1, 2014 | 11:26

Yes, they want luxury goods, but they also want baby formula and skin lotions. The common theme: Chinese cross-border shoppers are seeking quality and authenticity, says an Alibaba Group executive.

By Melanie Lee | Jul 30, 2014 | 17:45

Taobao's travel vertical and the Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club launched a marketing campaign today, offering users cheap tour packages to Sydney to watch a football game.