Chinese Automaker FAW Group Taps Alibaba Cloud’s Gen AI for Business Intelligence

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Chinese Automaker FAW Group Taps Alibaba Cloud’s Gen AI for Business Intelligence

  • FAW Group pilots the use of LLM-powered business intelligence to boost productivity
  • Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services to over 70% of Chinese domestic car manufacturers

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Alibaba Cloud is partnering with FAW Group, one of China’s leading car manufacturers, to transform the automaker‘s business intelligence capabilities with generative AI.

The Chinese maker of trucks, passenger vehicles and more is tapping Alibaba Cloud’s large language model Qwen to build a generative AI-powered application that will create reports and analyze data for business decisions.

The platform, called GPT-BI, marks a step towards accelerating intelligence analysis.

Leveraging this technology, corporate users with no data background can still explore data-driven business analytics in a quick and efficient manner.

“In the automotive field, Alibaba Cloud will continue to promote the application of AI in various industries to better serve customers’ business innovations,” said Li Qiang, general manager for vehicle and energy industry at Alibaba Cloud.

The automated reporting process puts powerful data insights at the disposal of employees across ranks at FAW Group, who can submit queries in natural language and receive analysis from GPT-BI.

Output from the application ranges from text-form answers to charts, graphs and other visual assets. 

The digital tool also supports multi-round conversation, allowing users to ask follow-up questions.

On the heels of the latest launch, Alibaba Cloud and FAW Group are exploring additional collaboration opportunities in areas including production, sales and customer service.

Putting Automakers in the Digital Gear

Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services to over 70% of China’s domestic auto vehicle enterprises. In addition, the company offers a full stack of tech tools to facilitate automakers’ digitalization efforts, from autonomous driving to industrial internet.

Advanced algorithms and machine learning models lie at the heart of these advances, and require massive amounts of computing power to process data in real time.

To support development in autonomous driving, Alibaba Cloud launched a one-stop platform last year for its corporate clients, including Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng and automaker Geely.

The Apsara Intelligence Computing Platform shortens the training time for AI algorithms, and will increase the training speed of the XPeng autonomous driving model by nearly 170 times, from seven days to an hour.

As cars become computers on wheels, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are essential for vehicles of the future.

Other than accelerating autonomous driving, Alibaba Cloud has also enabled carmakers to enhance the smart cockpit experience with the advent of LLM.

Alibaba’s auto-operating system AliOS has integrated Qwen into its system, while Alibaba-backed premium electric vehicle company IM Motors has become the first auto brand to pilot the AI-powered operating system.

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