Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba Cloud’s Model Studio Supports Llama3 Models; How Lazada Supports Women Entrepreneurs

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Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba Cloud’s Model Studio Supports Llama3 Models; How Lazada Supports Women Entrepreneurs

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This week, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing business shared that its gen AI development platform Model Studio is compatible with Llama3, the latest open-source LLM from Meta.

In other news, Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Lazada shines the spotlight on how it is supporting women-owned businesses, including up-and-coming Thai clothing brand Merge.

Alibaba Cloud’s Model Studio Announces Supports for Llama 3 Models

One-stop generative AI application development platform Model Studio has extended its support for Meta’s latest open-sourced LLM Llama3, Alibaba Cloud shared this week.

Corporate users and developers can access a collection of instruction-tuned LLMs in 8B and 70 B parameter sizes from Llama3 model family on Model Studio.

The platform will offer free training, deployment and inference services for Llama 3 for a limited time to enable developers to build their customized LLMs on Alibaba Cloud.

Corporations and developers can tap the model finetuning and prompt templates on the platform to build their AI assistants quickly. They can also leverage the advanced capabilities on the platform including Retrieval Augmented Generation and AI agent building to develop their applications.

Within Model Studio, developers can access a smorgasbord of models ranging Llama2 to Alibaba Cloud’s own family of proprietary foundational model Qwen and use them to build customized applications.

Alibaba Cloud has vowed to be the most open cloud in the AI era, hosting over half of LLM companies in China.

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Merge Lazada Alibaba Entrepreneur
Thailand-based business owner Pornpavee Darnmingyen. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Young Women Entrepreneurs Find Business Success on Lazada

Lazada brings together businesses and consumers across Southeast Asia, and a host of women-owned brands are leveraging the e-commerce platform to amplify their offerings.

This includes 30-year-old Thai entrepreneur Pornpavee Darnmingyen, who launched her clothing brand Merge on the platform in 2020.

Since then, the size-inclusive label has amassed over a quarter of a million followers on Instagram and developed a presence at brick-and-mortar department stores in Thailand.

Merge recently cut the ribbon on a flagship location in Bangkok, and the brand’s founder shows no signs of slowing down.

“I see a future where female entrepreneurs have a supportive community that breaks down the walls that limit women,” said Darnmingyen.

She joins the ranks of other women across the region who have used Lazada as a launchpad.

In the Philippines, serial entrepreneur Veronica Eala Garcia chose the platform to launch her first beauty collection, and she credits Lazada with helping her to reach consumers.

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