Alibaba’s Fliggy Launches 11.11 Vacation Offers as Travel Demand Recovers

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Alibaba’s Fliggy Launches 11.11 Vacation Offers as Travel Demand Recovers

  • Travel products on sale during 11.11 nearly double last year’s promotion
  • Marriott International, Hilton, Disney and Universal Studios taking part in Double 11

Alibaba Group’s online travel platform Fliggy said it mustered a roster of big-name hotels and amusement parts to take part in the world’s largest retail sale, 11.11, as Chinese holidaymakers search for bargain breaks online.

Among the glitterati of the global travel industry participating in 2023’s 11.11, also known as Double 11 or Singles’ Day, are Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Disney and Universal Studios. Fliggy’s campaign for 11.11 kicks off at 8:00 p.m. China Standard Time on Tuesday.

Post-pandemic, Chinese consumers’ wanderlust and travel-agency activity is picking up. To meet the budding demand, Fliggy said the number of travel products on its platform this 11.11 is nearly double last year’s volume.

“This is the year of recovery for the tourism industry, and consumers are full of expectations for future travel,” said Shuai Mengting, Fliggy’s 11.11 project manager.

Fliggy’s sale takes place at a time when the average price of travel has increased globally. While airfares may be coming back down to earth from pandemic peaks, the total cost of a vacation is often pricier.  

The US Department of State said it issued the most passports in its history between October 2022 and September 2023. Consumer financial blog NerdWallet reported that while the cost of getting to a destination may have dropped, other travel-related prices have climbed, such as hotel prices, dining out and entertainment.

Fliggy is offering value-for-money options at this time of economic uncertainty and expanding its membership benefits during the promotion. Budget hotels participating in the promotion could cost as little as RMB100 ($13.68) a night.

Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel chain, will take part in the sale, with participating hotels discounted in some cases to under RMB300 a night. Hong Kong Disneyland Explorers Lodge are half-price during the sales period.  

“We and our business partners will go all out to ensure that consumers always have access to more interesting entertainment, value-for-money products, and more reliable services, so that more people can realize their wish to see the world this Double 11,” said Fliggy’s Shuai.

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