Alibaba’s Shopathon Was One for the Books

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Alibaba’s Shopathon Was One for the Books

The Chinese e-commerce giant brought in a team of accountants to monitor the 11.11 Shopping Festival sales results, with an eye on capturing recognition for a pair of new Guinness world records.

What’s the point of hosting the biggest online sale on the planet if you aren’t recognized by Guinness World Records alongside the world’s hairiest teenager and the guy who holds the distance record for squirting milk out of his eye?

Shortly after Alibaba Group announced that the company’s just-ended 2014 11.11 Shopping Festival had posted total GMV of $9.3 billion, shattering the total set by the annual 24-hour sale last year, the Chinese e-commerce giant disclosed that it applied to the Guinness judges for two records: one for “individual company with the highest online retail volume in a 24-hour period” and another for “individual online retail platform that sold the most mobile phones in a 24-hour period.” During the sale, sold 1,894,867 total units of mobile phones, according to the company.

Alibaba said for the sale it brought in a team of accountants from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) to establish accounting guidelines and auditing procedures for this year’s 11.11 GMV results. To ensure accuracy during the sale, the team was stationed at Alibaba’s campus in Hangzhou, China, at the 11.11 “command center,” where near-real-time data from Alibaba’s giant online shopping websites were monitored during the event, the company said.That was sufficient proof for Guinness. Alibaba was awarded recognition for setting both of the applied-for world records.

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