Trendyol’s Path to Profitability in Pictures

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Trendyol’s Path to Profitability in Pictures

  • The e-commerce platform is Türkiye’s first startup to be valued at $16.5 billion
  • Trendyol’s order growth rocketed about 47% YoY in the 12 months ended March 31

Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Online retailer Trendyol recently marked a major milestone by making a profit operationally for the first time, driven by its Türkiye business.

But this is just the latest in a long line of achievements.

Thirteen years ago, the Trendyol team delivered its first order in the company van.

Since then, Trendyol has set fundraising records and spawned an entire digital ecosystem, including a thriving marketplace, an own-brand fashion label, a logistics network, a second-hand platform, and a food-and-grocery delivery service for consumers.

The Istanbul-headquartered company continues to expand internationally too, with the latest market entry into Azerbaijan this May, following a launch in Germany last year.

Take a journey through the company’s archives and follow Trendyol’s path from startup to profitable international e-commerce powerhouse in our slideshow.

The Rise Of Turkish E Commerce Platform Trendyol 2
Trendyol Founded 2
Trendyol Express Delivery Launches 1
Trendyol Buys Resale Platform Dolap 1
Alibaba Invests In Trendyol 1
Trendyol Go Starts Operations 1
Trendyol Raises Capital 1
Trendyol Opens First Office Outside Turkiye 2
Trendyol Supports Earthquake Recovery 1
Trendyol Order Growth Rises 1
Trendyol Enters Azerbaijan 1
Trendyol Becomes Operationally Profitable 1
Onwards And Upwards
Source: Trendyol Group

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