Tour Alibaba Cloud’s Sustainability-Driven Campus

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Tour Alibaba Cloud’s Sustainability-Driven Campus

Alibaba Cloud’s campus in Hangzhou is a workplace that serves employees and the planet.

Since opening its doors in August 2022, the campus has become an example of balancing modern needs with environmental considerations as Alibaba Group works to become carbon neutral.

At the Alibaba Cloud headquarters, an AI-powered energy monitoring tool called Energy Expert helps manage indoor facilities on the site by measuring emissions and suggesting ways to reduce waste.

This includes creating lighting schedules based on foot traffic in different rooms and measuring the weather to optimize heating and air conditioning use.

Innovations on the garden-dotted campus extend outdoors as well.

Around 70% of the water used for irrigation across the campus is recycled rainwater, a feat made possible by a sponge city architectural design that leverages sunken gardens, green rooftops and permeable pavements to collect and redistribute rain.

Many rooftops are also covered in solar panels, one of several sources of the green energy that accounts for 40% of all electricity used on campus.

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