Electric Guitar Brand Fender Amps Up Chinese Product Range For 11.11

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Electric Guitar Brand Fender Amps Up Chinese Product Range For 11.11

Chinese consumers are rocking out this 11.11, and as niche musical hobbies grow in popularity on Alibaba Group’s B2C marketplace Tmall, American-based guitar brand Fender has emerged as the first choice for electric guitars and basses.  

Founded in 1946, its guitars, amps, pedals and accessories have been played on more stages worldwide than any other company in the industry.

During this 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, the legacy brand is launching its American Vintage II series of electric guitars and basses in the China market.

This is the first time Fender has timed a product launch with the 11.11 shopping festival. The brand also hosted a livestreaming event on Nov. 5 to celebrate the debut.

“Whether its livestreaming or videos, we leverage all the tools we can on the platform, to connect with our community as much as possible,” said Edward “Bud” Cole, President, Fender Asia.

The brand’s flagship store on Tmall, launched in 2018, representing over 10% of its total sales in China.

The latest series celebrates Fender’s iconic models through the decades, equipped with authentic specifications and aesthetics for lovers of vintage-inspired style and sound.

Key Quotes

“We continue to grow our business and grow our reach into the Chinese market to support all players in China, wherever they are in their musical journey. ”said Edward “Bud” Cole, President, Fender Asia.

“Tmall for us is a direct relationship with the consumer. Since we started, we’ve participated in 11.11 every year. There’s not a single event, at least a commercial event, that generates as much excitement and as much sales as Tmall’s 11.11 event,” said Edward “Bud” Cole, President, Fender Asia.

“The obvious choice for us is to continue to work with Tmall and Alibaba because they provide what we feel is the best platform most productive platform for us to achieve our goals,” said Edward “Bud” Cole, President, Fender Asia.

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