Work @ Alibaba – Yun Hyewon from Tmall Global

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Work @ Alibaba – Yun Hyewon from Tmall Global

Yun Hyewon, part of Tmall Global’s overseas purchasing team for South Korean merchants, talks about her experiences working at Alibaba Group.

She helps merchants gain easy access to Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce platform and sell their products to Chinese consumers.

Starting out as an intern many years ago, she was attracted to Alibaba by the work culture and was keen to return to the fold.

With the support of her husband, and-then-boyfriend, she rejoined Alibaba in December 2020. The couple decided to settle down in Hangzhou, Alibaba’s headquarters, and hope to participate in AliDay‘s group weddings next year.

Key Quotes:

“When I worked here as an intern, I experienced the company culture and organizational structure of Alibaba. And it touched me so much that I wanted to come work here again.”

“No matter what my rank is, I can voice my opinion equally. All those opinions are equally heard, respected and discussed at Alibaba. I believe this kind of culture has created a great synergy at work.”

“Every year, on May 10, an event called AliDay occurs. AliDay is like a family day at Alibaba. On that day, special events like group weddings take place. Unfortunately, I missed the registration deadline this year. But I would love to participate next year.”

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