Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba Cloud Digitalizes Car Manufacturing; Daraz Appoints James Dong as Acting CEO

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Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba Cloud Digitalizes Car Manufacturing; Daraz Appoints James Dong as Acting CEO

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This week, German automotive manufacturer Schaeffler expanded its partnership globally with Alibaba Cloud to digitalize more of its operations, especially in the Asian market.

In other news, South Asia-focused e-commerce platform Daraz shared the appointment of a new acting CEO to replace outgoing CEO Bjarke Mikkelsen, who founded the company in 2015.

Schaeffler Alibaba Cloud Signing
Alibaba Cloud and Schaeffler deepen their partnership to accelerate global digital transformation. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Alibaba Cloud Partners with Schaeffler to Digitalize Auto Parts Manufacturing

Alibaba Cloud is joining forces this week with Schaeffler Greater China to enhance the industrial giant’s core digital pillars, from smart products to digital value chains.

The Germany-headquartered auto manufacturer will leverage Alibaba Cloud’s robust cloud infrastructure and advanced digital intelligence, edge computing, and AI technologies to foster digital transformation across various markets.

This follows Schaeffler’s 2019 partnership with Alibaba Cloud to build cloud infrastructure to fuel its business innovation and expansion, part of an industry-wide surge in digitalization efforts.

By 2030, investment in digital transformation by auto industry companies is expected to reach $238 billion, according to ABI Research.

The latest tie-up will empower Schaeffler to seize growth opportunities and stimulate further innovation to meet the dynamic demands of its global customers in the AI-driven era, according to a release from Alibaba Cloud.

James Dong Lazada
James Dong, CEO of Lazada and now acting CEO of Daraz. Photo credit: Alibaba Group

Daraz Appoints Lazada’s James Dong as Acting CEO

E-commerce platform Daraz appointed James Dong, CEO of Lazada Group, as acting CEO effective Jan. 24, its board of directors shared in an announcement this week.

His predecessor, outgoing CEO Bjarke Mikkelsen, founded Daraz in 2015 and led the company’s expansion from single-market retailer to cross-border marketplace operating in five countries.

“My North Star has always been to build Daraz into a business that is strong enough to survive in our markets for the long term,” Mikkelsen said in a statement.

“With this structure, we will have a more focused strategy and efficient business model – I’m very confident that this is the best structure for Daraz to ensure our long-term success,” the outgoing CEO noted.

In addition to his duties as acting CEO at Daraz, Dong will continue to head up Singapore-headquartered e-commerce company Lazada.

Studio Ghibli and Alibaba Pictures Launch Partnership in China

Alibaba Pictures will work with Tokyo-based animation company Studio Ghibli to hold exhibitions and develop animations for the Chinese market, according to an announcement this week.

The strategic partnership includes Alibaba Picture’s intent to co-develop the latest Studio Ghibli film “The Boy and the Heron”, which is not yet available in Mainland Chinese cinemas.

The film was recognized as the Best Motion Picture – Animated at the 81st Golden Globes in Los Angeles earlier this month.

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Tour Alibaba Cloud’s Sustainability-Driven Campus

Since opening its doors in August 2022, Alibaba Cloud’s Hangzhou campus has become an example of balancing modern needs with environmental considerations as Alibaba Group works to become carbon neutral.

Around 70% of the water used for irrigation across the campus is recycled rainwater, and many rooftops are covered in solar panels, one of several sources of the green energy that accounts for 40% of all electricity used on campus.

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Europe’s B2B Buyers Drive Growth in Beauty Sector:

European buyers are snapping up beauty products around twice as fast as buyers worldwide, business-to-business online marketplace reported on Monday.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for wellness and affordable luxury to feel good even in challenging economic times,” Patrick Kuehl, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Germany, said in a statement.

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