Brands to Watch in Southeast Asia: Estée Lauder Takes Home Top Prize in Lazada’s Brand Recognition Forum

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Brands to Watch in Southeast Asia: Estée Lauder Takes Home Top Prize in Lazada’s Brand Recognition Forum

Launched in 2018, Lazada’s virtual mall, LazMall, features over 32,000 brands and retailers

Lazada, Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, announced the winners of the LazMall Brand Future Forum(BFF) Awards 2021 at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore on Wednesday, honoring top performing and innovative brands in Southeast Asia.

The event came as Lazada continues to drive e-commerce and brand digitization across Southeast Asia. Launched in 2018, Lazada’s virtual mall, LazMall, features over 32,000 brands and retailers.

“E-commerce in Southeast Asia continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Innovation and creativity, cutting edge technology and stellar customer services continue to transform the industry, resulting in a great online migration and millions of new customers,” said Lazada Group CEO Li Chun at the BFF Forum.

This year, Lazada spotlighted brands in nine categories that have successfully captured the region’s booming e-commerce opportunities during and after the pandemic. The Estée Lauder Companies, Samsung, Nike, Coach, Lancôme, Shiseido Group, Starbucks, Synagie and L’Oréal Consumer Products Division took home trophies for successfully leveraging Lazada’s e-commerce infrastructure and capabilities in direct-to-consumer outreach. 

Find the complete list below and see how these recognized brands have improved online shopping for Southeast Asian consumers.

Final Lazmall Bff Awards Final2

1. The Estée Lauder Companies: LazMall Brand of the Year

LazMall Brand of the Year award is the most coveted award of the LazMall BFF Awards. It recognizes a brand that has demonstrated a keen entrepreneurial spirit and innovations in the e-commerce industry. The Estée Lauder Companies won the award for consistently delivering outstanding outcomes by participating in various LazMall initiatives and campaigns to connect with local consumers. The brand also showcased strong support for LazMall’s ongoing commitment to deliver 100% authentic and quality products to consumers in Southeast Asia.

2. Samsung: Best Brand Partnership Award

Lazada recognized Samsung for its ability to create a comprehensive experience for consumers. The brand’s operational excellence in a wide range of e-commerce metrics such as store operations, adopting commercial tools and participating in campaigns to drive engagement distinguished itself as a leading brand partner.

3. Nike: Best New Brand Launch Award

Nike launched the brand on LazMall in November 2020 to great fanfare and consumer anticipation across the region. This award recognizes the brand’s ability to provide a wide assortment of products and offerings to local consumers.

4. Coach: LazMall Rising Star Award

Coach achieved astoundingly positive month-over-month growth on LazMall by using a combination of Lazada’s commercial tools, marketing solutions and data insights. The brand has proven to be the region’s fastest-growing brand on the platform, cementing its status as an industry leader within a short period.

5. Lancôme for Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate: Best New Product Launch Award

Lancôme has developed an outstanding promotional and communications plan to drop their Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate on LazMall. The brand subsequently increased its user penetration that led to increased sales and conversion.

6. Shiseido Group: Lazada Marketing Excellence Award

Shiseido Group has embraced and adopted the best use of the LazMall Super Series Campaigns. The brand has participated in at least one major activation such as Super Brand Day or Super Brand Parade to offer the best-branded experience, promotions and deals for its customers, together with unique hero products made available on its LazMall store.

7. Starbucks: LazMall Innovation Excellence Award

Lazada has always encouraged innovation throughout the platform. Starbucks has shown its agility to innovate in times of change while intimately engaging and scaling its buyers base on LazMall. 

8. Synagie: Lazada Partner Award

The e-commerce landscape in Southeast Asia is made possible and sustainable by the commitment, belief and trust of many stakeholders within the ecosystem. As a third-party e-commerce service provider, Synagie was recognized for successfully delivering best-in-class service, execution and consultation for brands and partners in the region.

9. L’Oréal Consumer Products Division: Best Use of Lazada Sponsored Solutions Award

L’Oréal Consumer Products Division has actively adopted recommended solutions with excellent mileage and sales uplift on LazMall. It has best utilized Lazada’s tools and industry insights and knowledge that empower brands to connect with Southeast Asian consumers.

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