Images: Alibaba Cloud Reveals Innovations for a Sustainable and Inclusive 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

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Images: Alibaba Cloud Reveals Innovations for a Sustainable and Inclusive 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Alibaba Cloud on Monday unveiled technologies that powered this year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. With Alibaba Group’s systems and operations fully migrated onto the cloud, the cloud unit is supporting the transition of the world’s largest global shopping festival into a more sustainable and inclusive online event.

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Alibaba Cloud’s Proprietary Large Scale Ai Model M6
Alibaba Cloud’s proprietary large-scale AI model M6. Photo credit: Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba’s Last Mile Logistics Vehicle Xiaomanlv Delivered Over 1 Million Package
Alibaba’s last-mile logistics vehicle Xiaomanlv delivered over 1 million packages. Photo credit: Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud Green Data Center 2
Alibaba Cloud Green Data Center. Photo credit: Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud Data Center Facility
Alibaba Cloud Data Center Facility. Photo credit: Alibaba Cloud
Hanguang 800, The First Ai Inference Chip Launched By Alibaba Cloud
Hanguang 800, the first AI inference chip launched by Alibaba Cloud. Photo credit: Alibaba Cloud
Li Cheng, Chief Technology Officer, Alibaba Group
Alibaba Group Chief Technology Officer Li Cheng. Photo credit: Alibaba Group
Taobao Senior Mode
Taobao Senior Mode. Photo credit: Alibaba Group


Infographic Image 1 Alibaba Cloud Innovations Power A Sustainable & Inclusive 11.11
Alibaba Cloud Innovations helped drive sustainability and inclusivity at this year’s 11.11
Infographic Image 2 World's Largest Global Shopping Festival Running 100% On Cloud For 1st Time
The world’s largest shopping festival operated 100% on cloud for the first time
Infographic Image 3 Green Tech For A Sustainable 11.11
Alibaba Cloud uses technology to drive sustainability
Infographic Image 4 Optimal Shopping Experience For Everyone
Alibaba Cloud’s technology enhances consumers’ shopping experience
Infographic Image 5 Putting Innovation Into Application
Alibaba Cloud puts innovation into application to boost the efficiency in shopping and delivery
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