How Will Generative AI Transform Content Creation In Gaming to Advertising?

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How Will Generative AI Transform Content Creation In Gaming to Advertising?

Human beings have used artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze existing data for a decade. Now scientists are taking it to a new level – training algorithms to create new content.

The technology is called generative AI, and it can create new and original content based on different types of data, whether text, image, video, or audio.

“In the next two to three years, we think the application and services of generative AI will be more inclusive,” said Luica Mak, Director of Corporate Affairs, Alibaba Cloud.

Generative AI is one of the top 10 tech trends that Alibaba Group’s research institute DAMO Academy laid out for the year ahead. In a report, scientists shared their insights on how the technologies will transform our life in the coming years.

We talked to Mak to hear more about how generative AI can benefit content curators in the fields of advertising, graphic design and gaming. Tune in to also hear how machine learning could help save our climate and a cloud-native approach would protect our applications and data.

Key quotes from Luica Mak:

“With AI technology combined with mathematical calculations, we call it the dual-engine approach, can be used to help make decisions faster, more accurate and more effective.”

“We expect that cloud-native security will be built into every stage of the software development cycle rather than an afterthought.”

“Multimodal pre-trained models can process data in different formats simultaneously while adding cognitive intelligence capabilities.”

Read the full report from DAMO Academy, download and share with colleagues:

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