Stories By: Yashan Zhao

Company News

Alibaba News Roundup: Chinese Tourists Seek Cooler Climes During Heatwaves; Tmall Boosts Green Appliance Use; Alibaba Grows Font Family

Published on Aug 12, 2022 |Updated on Aug 12, 2022

Local Services

Alibaba News Roundup:’s Smart Helmets; Entrepreneurship in Malaysia; Hydrangeas Get Valentine’s Day Boost

Published on Aug 05, 2022 |Updated on Aug 05, 2022

Business Commerce

Alibaba News Roundup: Tmall Global Set To Incubate 1,000 Brands; Alibaba Supports Digitization of China’s Braille Library

Published on Jul 29, 2022 |Updated on Jul 29, 2022

Tmall Global-min
Retail & eCommerce

Women’s Fashion Tops Livestreaming Rankings on Alibaba’s Taobao

Published on Jul 25, 2022 |Updated on Aug 10, 2022

Retail & eCommerce

Alibaba News Roundup: AliHealth’s ESG Report; AliGenie’s Smart-Home Devices; Carveboarding with Tmall

Published on Jul 22, 2022 |Updated on Jul 26, 2022


Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba Cloud Jumps the Queue; Alibaba Signs Sustainability MOU; Cainiao Expands in Malaysia

Published on Jul 08, 2022 |Updated on Jul 08, 2022

Roller coaster
Retail & eCommerce

Supplement Snacking: China’s Gen Z Drives Demand For Modern Health Solutions

Published on Jul 06, 2022 |Updated on Jul 08, 2022

Ritual vitamin capsules
Alibaba Corporate

Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba’s DAMO Academy Hits the Road; RT-Mart Turns Bottles into Sports Equipment; Foots the Bill on Take-Out Orders

Published on Jul 01, 2022 |Updated on Jul 01, 2022

Retail & eCommerce

Chinese Consumers Shop for Hobbies This 6.18

Published on Jun 22, 2022 |Updated on Jun 22, 2022

Retail & eCommerce

Alibaba News Roundup: Pet Pampering Goes High Tech; Tmall Simplifies Childcare Purchases; Intime Gives Shoppers a Lift

Published on Jun 17, 2022 |Updated on Jun 17, 2022

Pet gadget