DAMO Academy

DAMO Academy is Alibaba Group’s cutting-edge research and development institute dedicated to creating a better world. Its focus areas include artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics and fintech, which it strives to apply to real-world use cases.

2024.04.19|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: Tmall New Merchant Numbers Rise; Stanford AI Index Features DAMO Cancer Screening Tool; ABH Finalists Invited to Alibaba Campus

2024.03.15|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Global Math Competition Opens Applications for Math Enthusiasts

2024.03.01|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: Chinese Hospitals Deploy DAMO Academy Cancer Screening Tool; Alibaba Cloud Cuts Prices; Global Program Supports Over 4,000 Entrepreneurs

2023.12.06|Ivy Yu

DAMO Academy’s AI Breakthrough Makes Pancreatic Cancer Easier to Detect

2023.09.22|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: Global Math Competition Announces 2023 Winners

2023.06.13|Ivy Yu

Math Mavens: Alibaba’s Global Mathematics Competition Enters Final Round

Alibaba AI-powered Tingwu
2023.06.01|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Cloud’s Latest Generative AI Update Takes The Admin Out Of Business Meetings

2023.01.11|Ivy Yu

2023’s Top 10 Tech Trends By Alibaba’s DAMO Academy

2022.12.29|Alison Tudor Ackroyd

Alibaba’s Wu Zeming Steps Into CTO Role; Jeff Zhang To Focus On R&D

Artificial intelligence model
2022.11.03|Ivy Yu

Q&A: Alibaba’s DAMO Academy Unveils Free Artificial Intelligence Platform

2022.11.01|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Embraces Metaverse with Extended Reality, 3D and Virtual Influencers During 11.11

2022.09.09|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Deploys Artificial Intelligence To Help Bridge Digital Divide

2022.09.06|Alizila Staff

Alibaba’s CTO On Everything You Wanted To Know About AI Ethics (But Were Too Afraid To Ask)

2022.07.01|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba’s DAMO Academy Hits the Road; RT-Mart Turns Bottles into Sports Equipment; Ele.me Foots the Bill on Take-Out Orders

Metaverse technology
2022.06.24|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: DAMO Joins Metaverse Standards Forum; 8 Apps Receive Accessibility Upgrade; Applications Close for ABH Entrepreneurship Competition

2022.06.02|Ivy Yu

Alibaba’s Driverless Robots Make 10 Million Deliveries

Alibaba Cloud Computers
2022.03.18|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: Pocket-Sized Cloud Computers Are In; Why E-Commerce is a B2B Must; Alibaba Global Maths Match Now Taking Entries

2022.01.31|Ivy Yu

Why We Need Green Artificial Intelligence, Alibaba’s DAMO Academy Explains

XR Glasses
2022.01.11|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Spots Cutting-Edge Technologies That Could Change Our Lives Within Five Years

The upgraded Wuying cloud computer
2021.10.22|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: AI-powered Tools Set to Change the Way We Live; Dickies’ Secret to Staying Engaged with China’s Gen-Z; Sustainability in Spotlight at 2021 11.11 Shopping Festival

Digital weather forecast interface
2021.10.22|Ivy Yu

Alibaba Reveals AI-based Tool That Predicts The Weather up to Six Hours in Advance

Daniel Zhang Apsara Conference 2021 speech
2021.10.19|Christine Chou

Alibaba’s CEO Zhang Talks Open Ecosystems, Bolsters ‘Tech for Good’ Focus

Alibaba news roundup rural golden week
2021.09.30|Monica Suk

Alibaba News Roundup: Express Delivery Service in Small Cities for Golden Week; Empowering Restaurants that Hire Employees with Disabilities; Tmall’s Support for New Products on 11.11

2021.09.28|Christine Chou

Alibaba’s AI Tool Makes Historical Paintings Blink, Smile and Speak

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