US Guitar Brand Fender Sees Continuous Growth In China Via Tmall

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US Guitar Brand Fender Sees Continuous Growth In China Via Tmall

Fender is obviously hitting the right note in China as the US-based guitar brand says its customers and sales have grown continuously in the country since 2018. 

Fender joined Alibaba Group’s B2C marketplace Tmall five years ago. It offers educational content, including livestreaming and videos to engage and support guitar players throughout their musical journey.

Edward Cole, President of Fender Asia, shared how Tmall helps Fender reach consumers in China.

“I can’t think of another platform that gives us that access to so many people in an educated and trusted way as Tmall in China,” said Cole.

Fender it appears, is enjoying a tailwind from music appreciation worldwide. The global guitar market size is set to reach $8.41 billion by 2027, up from $4.98 billion in 2021 according to a report.  

Key Quotes from Edward Cole:

“China obviously represents one of our fastest-growing markets in the world.”

“Tmall is exceptional at providing not just the product but an incredible amount of information to consumers on the products that they’re going to buy.”

“We really do want to strategically have a direct connection between the consumer in China and Fender.”

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