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2021.10.06|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba’s Fliggy says Domestic Tourism Soars During China’s Golden Week Holiday

Alibaba news roundup rural golden week
2021.09.30|Monica Suk

Alibaba News Roundup: Express Delivery Service in Small Cities for Golden Week; Empowering Restaurants that Hire Employees with Disabilities; Tmall’s Support for New Products on 11.11

farmer e-commerce alibaba news roundup retail
2021.09.24|Monica Suk

Alibaba News Roundup: When Farmers Meet E-commerce; J.P. Morgan’s Partnership with Alibaba.com; Cross-border Shopping on the Rise

Louvre Mona Lisa .jpg
2021.09.13|Alison Tudor Ackroyd

Lights, Camera, Action! Cultural Hotspots, from The British Museum to the Louvre, Get Virtual Makeover To Attract Tourists Even as Pandemic Restricts Travel

2021.09.10|Cecilia Li

Alibaba News Roundup: Alibaba.com Rolls Out New Dropshipping Model; Farmers Livestreaming Milestone; Tmall Consumption Trends

2021.08.20|Cecilia Li

Alibaba News Roundup: Yuto Horigome Talks Skateboarding; Find Out Who Wins in Man vs A.I.; Revealed: Africa’s Top 20 Business Heroes

mercedes-benz fliggy livestream
2021.07.16|Monica Suk

Alibaba News Roundup: Virtual Tour to Mercedes-Benz Museum; Alibaba Netpreneur Masterclass in France and More

shutterstock ele.me.jpg
2021.07.02|Christine Chou

Alibaba Creates Lifestyle Services Division and Announces Management Changes

dragon boat festival 2021.jpg
2021.06.11|Cecilia Li

Alibaba News Roundup: China on the Move Ahead Of Dragon Boat Festival Fresh Data Shows

Tmall Supermarket
2021.05.07|Cecilia Li

Alibaba News Roundup: Chinese Consumers Spend Big This Labor Day Holiday

Chinese family
2021.04.30|Cecilia Li

Alibaba News Roundup: Preparing for China’s Holiday Rush

eWTP countries livestream
2021.03.01|Alizila Staff

Diplomats Livestream on Fliggy to Take Chinese Consumers on Culinary Experience

2020.12.22|Monica Suk

European business leaders share Covid-19 lessons and opportunities for 2021

KFC x Karl Lagerfeld
2020.09.11|Christine Chou

Alibaba News Roundup: KFC and Malaysia Week

Ant Group
2020.07.24|Dorothy So

Alibaba News Roundup: Ant IPO, Mars and the Prado Museum

The British Museum Livestream
2020.07.07|Alizila Staff

The British Museum Livestreams on Alibaba Travel App

British Museum
2020.07.03|Christine Chou

Alibaba News Roundup: Cloud Computing, Meatless Meats and Historical Relics

European Tour Livestream
2020.05.21|Alizila Staff

VIP Tours in Europe Streamed on Your Phone

2020.05.15|Christine Chou

Alibaba News Roundup: Trade Shows and Travel Go Online

Taobao Live brands
2020.05.01|Alizila Staff

Alibaba News Roundup: Road to Recovery

Fliggy Feizhu Hotel Alliance
2019.12.23|Cecilia Li

Fliggy’s New Industry Alliance a Boon for Hotels and Travelers

San Diego city view_08302019
2019.08.30|Christine Chou

San Diego Taps Alipay, Fliggy to Draw Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists
2019.08.29|Alizila Staff

Fliggy, Alipay Make San Diego More Likely Destination for Chinese Tourists

2019.07.29|Alizila Staff

Caesars Entertainment Unveils Flagship Store on Fliggy

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