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Mulberry China sales
2022.12.02|Ivy Yu

Alibaba News Roundup: Mulberry Sales Up in China; Alibaba Cloud-Powered World Cup Mascot Cuts Emissions; Chinese Soccer Fans Feast on Hotpot

2022.08.12|Chloe Shen

Alibaba News Roundup: Chinese Tourists Seek Cooler Climes During Heatwaves; Tmall Boosts Green Appliance Use; Alibaba Grows Font Family

Interpreter in Sign Language
2022.05.20|Elizabeth Utley

Alibaba News Roundup: Taobao Signs Support for Deaf; German Cloud Data Center Up and Running

2021.11.11|Alison Tudor Ackroyd

How Retailers Can Turn China’s 11.11 Shopping Festival Into Year-Long Success

Dickies Tmall Gen-Z China e-commerce fashion
2021.10.18|Jing Wang

How American Workwear Brand Dickies Creates Products with China’s Gen-Z Consumers

cross-border shopping e-commerce tmall global
2021.09.23|Monica Suk

Zooming in on China’s Cross-border Shopping Boom: Guide for Global Brands to Seize the Opportunity

cloud pin story olympig games tokyo 2020
2021.07.22|Cecilia Li

Alibaba Group Unveils Cloud Pin for Media Professionals During Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

declutter recommerce secondhand.jpg
2021.07.08|Cecilia Li

Secondhand Trading Takes Off in China as Apps such as Alibaba’s Idle Fish Make Recycling Easier

Untitled design (1)
2021.06.07|Cecilia Li

Tmall Helps Merchants Big and Small Embrace China’s 6.18 Mid-Year Sales

Taobao Live creator_second (1)
2021.05.27|Christine Chou

Meet the Millennial Who Came Up with the Original Idea for Taobao Live

DTC brands
2021.05.27|Megan Tung

Why DTC Brands Thrived During the Pandemic

Rural Digital Farm
2021.05.25|Cecilia Li

Alibaba Ramps Up Digital Support to Revitalize China’s Rural Economy

2021.04.29|Alizila Staff

Daniel Zhang on Leadership and His Vision for Alibaba

2021.04.29|Christine Chou

Alibaba Fuses Digital Stores with Livestreaming

WHC fish oil Belgium
2021.04.08|Cecilia Li

How Belgium Fish Oil Brand WHC Discovered a Blue Ocean in China with Tmall Global