2018 Olympics: Media Resources

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2018 Olympics: Media Resources


Alibaba President Reflects on Golden Olympic Experience

Alibaba’s Olympic Ads: To the Greatness of Small

Alibaba’s Olympic Ads: Kenya Hockey Team Dreams Big

Alibaba’s Olympic Ads: Rower Gives Ducks Right of Way

B-Roll Handout: Opening of Alibaba’s Showcase at Olympic Games Pyeongchang 2018

B-Roll Handout: Mike Evans Olympic Medal & Photos

B-Roll Handout: Mike Evans at Various Alibaba Events


Alibaba Launches Olympic Games Showcase at PyeongChang 2018

Alibaba Launches First Global Ad Campaign for the Olympics

Q&A: Alibaba Olympic Partnership Promises to be Transformative for Games

Fact Sheets

Alibaba Olympic Partner Fact Sheet (PDF)

Alibaba Daily Tea Ritual (PDF)

Alibaba Cloud Fact Sheet (PDF)

Alibaba Executive Bios (PDF)

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