Alibaba’s Generative AI and the Future of Creative Work

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Alibaba’s Generative AI and the Future of Creative Work

Alibaba Group is leveraging generative AI to transform China’s creative industries.

Its research institute DAMO Academy has developed a number of generative AI models that developers can customize for their use in content creation, ranging from image generation to video production.

Scientists feed the algorithm hundreds of millions of images to train the models. And the images and text are converted into mathematical expressions. The algorithm then searches for patterns within the data to capture the relationship between images and words.

“Looking to the future, we now have these exciting new technologies coming to the fore including generative AI…and I think that certainly will also be transformative and create new experiences and new formats of consumption,” Alibaba Chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang told investors during a quarterly earnings call in February.

Go with Alizila content producer Ivy Yu in this video to Damo Academy to understand this emerging technology and how we can use it in daily life

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“We want to stress that generative AI is here to help you produce content faster and more effectively. It can’t replace human workers,” said Chen Di, algorithm researcher at DAMO Academy.

“I think generative AI will bring in new business models. It will assist human to do more creative works,” said Bing Lidong, technical director at DAMO Academy.

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