What is Amap – Alibaba’s Lifestyle Super App

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What is Amap – Alibaba’s Lifestyle Super App

Alibaba Group navigation platform Amap has come a long way since its early days as a simple map and location finder.

Amap is now integrated with other local services such as commerce resource Koubei and travel booking tool Fliggy to form an all-encompassing app catering to every facet of daily life in China.

In this video, Alizila looks at how a quick search on Amap yields everything from restaurant reviews to bike rental information.

Key Takeaways

After arriving at your destination, Amap helps you find activities and accommodation. How?

  • Amap is linked to Koubei, which means users can check ratings and reviews directly on Amap and make reservations at restaurants. It even has floor plans for local shopping malls.
  • The platform also taps into Fliggy so you can book hotels and buy tickets. When you get to your travel destination, Amap is there with access maps of must-see local tourist spots. And who needs tour guides when you can tune into Amap’s historical site commentary?
  • Amap caters to all ages and abilities with large fonts available and special resources such as hospitals, parks and ride-hailing services for the elderly.
  • Sustainability is front of mind as well, so rent a bike through Amap and watch as you collect platform points while pedalling around town.

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