15 Years of 11.11 at Alibaba: A Timeline

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15 Years of 11.11 at Alibaba: A Timeline

The 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is entering its fifteenth year in 2023, growing from a five-hour promotion with 27 merchants into the world’s largest sales event.

Explore this journey by scrolling down to see a highlight from each year.


The First 11.11

Alibaba launches 11.11 to help online merchants increase sales during a slow time of year. Brands generate over RMB50 million ($8 million) in GMV, as the Taobao employees pictured above are celebrating.


Merchant Participation Surges 26x

711 merchants participate in 11.11 sales, up from 27 the year before.


Gross Merchandise Value Crosses RMB5 Billion

Over 2,200 mechants take part in 11.11 and sell over RMB5.2 billion ($852 million) worth of merchandise.


11.11 Becomes Largest Online Shopping Event Globally

11.11 in 2012 sets a new global record for the largest value of goods purchases within 24 hours online, which had previously been held by Amazon’s Cyber Monday event. Logistics teams like the one above are instrumental in this effort.


Shopping Festival Goes Offline

Tmall brands extend their 11.11 promotional activities offline to 30,000 real-world outlets.


Speedy Payments Keep Pace with Demand

Alipay reaches a transaction-processing volume of 30,000 payments per second. Not bad.


Data Screen Final Resized

11.11 Sets 9 Guinness World Records

In addition to setting a record for the highest online sales revenue generated by a single company in 24 hours, Alibaba’s 11.11 in 2015 sets records for selling the most mobile phones, nuts, watches, milk, TVs, apples and cars by a single platform in one day.


2016 1111 Catch Cat Alibaba

11.11 Immerses Shoppers with Tech-powered Experiences

Alibaba bridges online and offline to create immersive experiences for consumers, like a VR game called Catch the Tmall Cat. Millions of app users visit 30,000 participating stores to “catch” the mascot and claim prizes.


2017 1111 Jessie J

Jessie J, Pharrell Wow 11.11 Countdown Gala

American songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams, and British musician Jessie J perform at Alibaba’s third annual 11.11 Countdown Gala.


alibaba 11.11 2018 gmv record

Cainiao Handles Over 1 Billion 11.11 Delivery Orders

Delivery orders handled by Cainiao Smart Logistics Network top 1 billion for the first time as the GMV for this year’s event eclipses sales during the Thanksgiving long-weekend in the US.


Taylor Swift 1111 Gala

Taylor Swift Headlines 11.11 Countdown Gala

Country and pop music superstar Taylor Swift takes to the gala stage to sing some of her biggest hits.


2020 Aliexpress Livestream Translation

AliExpress Launches Real-Time Livestream Translation for 11.11

AliExpress debuts the world’s first real-time livestreaming translation service on an e-commerce platform. It supports Chinese to English, Russian, Spanish and French, as well as English to Spanish, Russian and French.


Lazada 11.11 Super Show

Lazada Rides 11.11 Wave

Over 800,000 sellers and brands participate in 11.11 Southeast Asian online marketplace Lazada, roughly a two-fold increase from 2020.


Most Eco-friendly 11.11 To Date

Alibaba makes 11.11 greener with carbon management tools and green logistics, helping P&G save 22,000 km of bubble wrap.


11.11 Singles Day Double 11

Merchant Participation Reaches New Highs

The number of products, brands and merchants participating in 11.11 this year continues to set records, with over 80 million items set to be at their lowest price for the year. About 46,000 brands and merchants worldwide will promote overseas products.

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